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The City of Good Neighbors Proves itself again

From Girl Scouts to Neighbors, the donors rally around Pets Alive WNY

We have had some amazing help over the last few months and we want to give a Purrs & Woofs to the amazing people who have come through for us. Donations are so important to an organization such as ours that has no public funding and we have been very fortunate to have the amazing support of our friends and neighbors.

When we put on our outdoor sign that we needed bleach, paper towels, wet cat food and trash bags you all responded in droves. We now have enough food to last us for several months.  When we posted a plea for Maple, the kitten having seizures, you supported us by opening your pocket books to help pay for her treatments. When we posted that we wanted to build cat apartments to make a better living for our resident felines, dozens of people gave funds, materials & labor to make it a reality.

While I can't publically thank every individual who donated, I did want to give a shout out to a few that have been amazing in their efforts to support our mission.

Girl Scout Troop 637 spent the entire summer making items to sell and setting up tables at the Free Rabies Clinics & microchip clinics. The girls raised over $300 for us as well as making some amazing toys and beds for our adoptable pets.

Girl Scouts

The Denny's Restaurant in Lockport has us out every year for their Pet Adoption Days in August. They are the most amazingly kind and supportive group we could ask for. Not only do they donate a portion of the daily proceeds for that day, but we always have a great many adoptions and we love being there.


Marshalls Department Stores spent the last month gathering donations for our organization and the haul was amazing to say the least. Our volunteers needed a truck to haul it all away!


Our friends at Independent Health selected Pets Alive WNY as the recipient of the monthly dress down day for September. Thanks to the generosity of their employees, we received a sizable donation from the company.

Independent Health

I cannot thank these groups without also thanking the amazing volunteers that make everything run so well. While the money is important, these people give so much of their time to our organization and are worth their weight in gold.

Thanks Volunteers

Cat Apartment Project

Project Progress

Our first two apartments are close to being finished.  They are looking so great that we are now anxious to complete the rest.  We are looking for sponsorships to do four more 2-3 cat sized apartments at our adoption center.  Our volunteer crew is more than willing to keep going with the project, we just need YOUR HELP to pay for building supplies!  Here is how they are looking so far, all that is left is to "furnish" the inside for the cats.  If you would be interested in sponsoring any of the apartments, just click on the donate link under this paragraph. 

Cat Apartment - Almost Done 3 Cat Apartment - Almost Done!
Cat Apartment - Almost Done 4 Cat Apartment - Almost Done 6

Fashioned after the program at Animal Ark Shelter in Minnesota, our wonderful volunteers are hard at work building the cat apartments at the adoption center. Research shows that while housing animals in cages is not good for their medical or behavioral health, allowing cats free roaming access is also not the best for them either. Cat apartments will allow the cats to live in small compatable groups in home like settings, thus creating healthier and happier cats ready to go to forever homes.  Come take a pictorial journey through the process in our photo gallery.  Sponsorships of additional cat apartments are available.  For more information on sponsorships, contact us at

We want to give a huge shout out to the sponsors of the first two cat apartments. 

  • Newfane Lumber
  • Twin City Glass
  • Danny & Michele Hutchison
  • Jimmy Hutchison
  • Chuck & Beth Branch
  • Kevin & Michelle Thompson
  • Beth & Dale Figlioti
  • Home Depot Lockport
  • Spaulding Hardware


Cat Apartement Day 1 - First Cat Apartment Day 1 - Last
Starting the day building the frame Ending the day with the frame completed