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** Covid-19 adoption process, Effective 11/20/2020 **


We are doing everything we can to protect our volunteers & potential adopters by limiting interactions as much as possible. So until further notice, the following adoption guidelines will be in effect.

Cats - the cat shelter is not open for walk in traffic. Anyone entering the building should have an approved application with a scheduled appointment, must be wearing a mask and we are limiting people inside to a maximum of 6, so you might be asked to wait until space is available. We ask that you limit the number of people in your party to two and if you bring children, that they are closely supervised. Your first step is to complete an online application prior to visiting the shelter. Remember that submitting an application is not an approval, you will still need schedule an in-person interview with one of our adoption counselors. 

Donations can still be dropped off at the cat shelter during open hours. If we are closed, they can be left outside the door to be brought in when volunteers arrive.

Dogs - We are becoming overwhelmed with the number of inquiries we are getting, so we ask for your patience as we work through them all. For the fastest response, please fill out an online adoption application. Once we receive the application, our foster coordinator will forward the application to the appropriate foster home and the foster will reach out to you via phone or email to let you know more about the personalities or needs of the dog. Depending on that information, the foster will either choose to do a phone interview or forward your application to another volunteer for a better fit. Once you have your phone interview, the foster will schedule a meet & greet with the dog at our dog adoption center. We have a scheduling program that will allow us to book slots in 1 hour increments at our dog adoption center. 

Thank you so much for your support during this time. Please understand as we are doing everything we can to protect our animals, volunteers and adopters with these restrictions during this uncertain time. 

Get Personally Involved

Not ready to adopt a rescue dog or cat? Maybe fostering is for you? Can't foster but want to help? We have many volunteer positions available. Can't make a firm commitment, donate, attend a fundraiser or share our message!

Is Fostering for Me?

What you need to know

Have you ever heard the saying: "Give a man fish he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish they eat for life". Okay, so we're not teaching anyone to fish, but the theory is similar. If you adopt one dog or cat, you are giving that one dog or cat a permanent home. But if you can foster a dog or cat, prepare it for life in a home, you are allowing that many more animals to be placed in permanent homes. 

Need a Reason? Maybe you would love to have an animal, but don't have the long-term commitment capability; or you are only available for a few weeks out of the year; or you want to help out, but can't do it on a regular basis. 

How is it really helping the animal, won't they feel bounced around? 

While many people can't let go, others are reluctant to foster in the first place, thinking that it is somehow unfair to take in a dog or cat, establish a bond, and then allow the animal to be adopted out into another home. Isn't that a second abandonment? 

Taking a stray or frightened animal and showing them that people can be kind, that food is available and that there is a warm place to sleep, creates a marvelous bridge to a new home. Those of us who provide foster space know that there is never a shortage of animals that need us and it gives us great joy to help them transition into a new home . 

Do I have the skills? 

PAWNY representatives will conduct an at-home visit and explain the process. Animals in foster care range in needs, so foster placements are based on your lifestyle, your household dynamic and your expertise. Teaching a dog basic obedience and manners will help the dog get and keep a permanent home. Working to socialize an abandoned kitten, will allow it to be placed in a home, rather than live wild on the streets. It is also beneficial for a foster household to learn about health issues and behavior. We will be holding behavior seminars on an ongoing basis to allow our foster homes to learn more about canine or feline body language, training techniques and behavior.


Can I afford it?

We will provide supplies, food, instructions and vet care. Foster parents willing to provide supplies and food themselves, will be helping the program out immensely. We suggest you retain your receipts for your taxes at years end (Charitable Contributions / Donations) 

Can I say good-bye? 

This is the big one. Giving up an animal you've fostered, even to a wonderful new home, can be emotionally difficult. But it gets easier over time, especially when you get used to having a flow of animals. 

We've found our foster homes have less difficulty with this if they are completely involved in the adoption process. Seeing your foster animal drive off into the sunset with his or her new family will help you remember that they've found a lovely new home and that you now have space for another dog or cat in need. 

Many foster families get photos and updates of dogs they've fostered - enjoying their new homes - so that the whole family can rejoice in the success of a permanent adoption. It helps to remind them of their achievements. 

What we expect from every foster parent:

  • Fill-out an Application

  • Allow an at-home visit by PAWNY Representatives

  • Internet & email access - since we are a "virtual shelter" for our dog fosters, most of our adoptions and correspondence is online

  • Provide transportation for needed vet visits

  • Socialization

  • A lot of TLC

What you can expect from us:

  • Supplies for each dog or cat (cage, food, toys, litter) Foster parents willing to provide these supplies themselves will be helping the program out immensely and is tax-deductible. We suggest you retain your receipts for your taxes at years end (Charitable Contributions / Donations)

  • Medical care (we will arrange for check-ups, shots and spaying/neutering). Veterinary care for all fosters will be arranged by us and is paid for by as as long as it is pre-approved.

  • Assistance with any training &/or behavior issues that you may not be sure of

  • In certain cases extra training will be needed for dogs with Special Needs (Separation Anxiety)

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