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Adoption Info

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** Covid-19 adoption process, Effective 6/8/2020 **

We are doing everything we can to protect our volunteers & potential adopters by limiting interactions as much as possible. So until further notice, the following adoption guidelines will be in effect.

Cats - The cat shelter is NOT open for walk in traffic at this time. You must first submit an application and if it is accepted you can make an appointment to come in and visit. Anyone entering the building must be wearing a mask and we are limiting people inside to a maximum of 10 people, so you might be asked to wait outside until space is available. We ask that you limit the number of people in your party to two and if you bring children, that they are closely supervised. Remember that submitting an application is not an approval, you will still need to do an in-person interview with one of our adoption counselors. 

Dogs - We are becoming overwhelmed with the number of inquiries we are getting, so we ask for your patience as we work through them all. For the fastest response, please fill out an online adoption application. Once we receive the application, our foster coordinator will forward the application to the appropriate foster home and the foster will reach out to you via phone or email to let you know more about the personalities or needs of the dog. Depending on that information, the foster will either choose to do a phone interview or forward your application to another volunteer for a better fit. Once you have your phone interview, the foster will schedule a meet & greet with the dog at our dog adoption center. We have a scheduling program that will allow us to book slots in 1 hour increments at our dog adoption center. 

Thank you so much for your support during this time. Please understand as we are doing everything we can to protect our animals, volunteers and adopters with these restrictions during this uncertain time. 

Pets Alive WNY is committed to matching the right animal in the right household. We take a case-by-case approach to our placements. We do not deny applications based on yard size, fencing, age, home ownership or experience. We have many dogs and cats that would fit into apartment dwelling and some that need a fenced yard. Some of our animals require an experienced guardian, while others are perfect for a first time dog/cat enthusiast. Some of our animals make a perfect pet for a family with children, while others need a calmer adult only household. Our cat and dog adoption applications are geared toward personality matching to ensure that the right pet goes with the right family.


Our adoption process starts with a completed adoption survey, reference checks and for dogs might also include a home visit, at the discretion of the foster homes. Our home visit is to ensure our animals go to safe and loving homes and are not intended to intrude on your privacy. We have had cases where the address is bogus, the potential adopter is a hoarder, or there were signs of outdoor only animals, which is not what we desire for our adopted animals. It is also an interview process that helps us match the right animal in the right home.

Our adoption donations are based on the vetting costs the particular animal needs. Our standard dog adoption fees range from $400 for purebred dogs,  $300 for mixed breed adult dogs, $400 for puppies 6 months and under with special adoption pricing for dogs over 7 and long term dogs.  Puppies that are not altered are also available as foster-to-adopts, which requires an additional $50 spay/neuter deposit which is refunded once the spay/neuter surgery has been completed and the adoption finalized.


In order to make an appointment, you must first submit an application. Once approved, an adoption counselor will reach out to you via email in order to schedule a visit. The visit is meant to find the perfect match, and approval of the application does not guarantee that you will leave with the cat you applied for. You must be 21 years of age or older to adopt.

When visiting our adoption center, please plan to bring the following with you:

  • A valid Driver’s License or Proof of Identification

  • Landlord approval if you rent your residence

  • Form of payment for adoption fee (We accept cash, credit cards, or checks.)

  • A cat carrier

Cat Adoption Fees*:

Kittens (0-16 months): $200

Cattens (16 months-3 years): $150

Cats (3 year and older): $125

Thank you for considering one of our adoptable animals and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at for dog inquiries and for cat inquiries.

*All our animals are vaccinated, neutered, on flea preventative and wormed prior to final adoption. Kittens under the age of 3 1/2 months are available for foster-to-adopt placements.  That means they can go home with the adopter, but must return to Pets Alive WNY the evening before their scheduled spay/neuter surgery so they can be altered, microchipped and given any time appropriate vaccinations, all of which is included in the adoption fee.  New York State Ag/Markets law requires us to hold a $50 spay/neuter deposit for any unaltered animal that leaves our care, but that can be in the form of a check that is held and returned uncashed when the adopter brings their kitten back for their spay/neuter surgery, which is included in the adoption fee.

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