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Brenda J. Griffin

The Gift of Giving

Give out of love, not obligation.

Give when it's least expected.

Give without strings attached.

Give from your heart.

Give of yourself.

Give to show you care.

Give help without causing helplessness.

Give something that takes a personal sacrifice.

Give something that takes personal sacrifice.

Give to make a difference.

Give without keeping score.

Give for no reason at all.

Give a little if you can't give a lot.

Give without attracting attention to yourself.

Give without being asked.

Give of your experience.

Give to those who need it most.

Frank Sonnenberg


Brenda lived her life always giving to others and never asking anything in return. She kept the spirit of the poem on the right each and every day. She adored her family and her two cats Tangie & Zen and worked hard to rescue neighborhood cats to give them the best life possible. The rescue community lost a very good friend and we are saddened by her passing.

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